Christmas Gift Dilemma

Have you ever ordered something from a catalog that looked nice in the picture and then turned out to be horrifically ugly when you received it?

This just happened to me with a Christmas present I ordered. What looked like a really nice purse in the catalog photo arrived in the box and…

Ugliest. Purse. Ever.

What had looked like a nice beige owl shape was actually a giant gold lame monstrosity. Its huge eyes seemed crazily drugged rather than pleasantly sleepy. The background color that had appeared a trendy teal and brown floral was inexplicably green and orange blobs instead.

It was bad. Unfortunately, it was going to cost me almost as much as the horrid thing had originally been priced in order to return it to the mail-order company.

Still… If I gave that thing to my niece I’d never live it down. I would be forever in family lore as the Aunt Who Gave the Worst Purse for Christmas. People would try anything to avoid having me draw their name in the family lottery.

Should I give it to charity, I wondered? But I knew even the homeless wouldn’t want this thing.

I decided to just pay to return it after all.

I sent it back to the catalog with “Not as pictured” marked as “Reason for return.” (Since “Ugly as Sin” or “Appearance wounded my retinas” were not choices on the form. Surprisingly.)

And yes, I bought my niece a nicer purse.

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