Just Say No


I was waiting in line at the drugstore when the cashier asked the lady in front me for her ID. She was required to actually get the ID card out so it could be scanned into the register.

The cashier had trouble scanning it in and the manager was called. The military ID was exchanged for a drivers’ license. Confusion ensued as the manager tried using the laser scanner, the credit-card swipe, and finally manually entering the ID number.

The lady looked at her purchases and wondered, “What am I buying that I need ID for?”

I wondered also. There were no cigarettes or alcohol among the items. 

The cashier said, “It’s the acetone.”

“Nail polish remover?!” the lady said, surprised. “Really?”

Apparently it’s a controlled substance now. Along with spray paint and sudafed. Because you never know when someone will try to get high off of ordinary household items.

There is something wrong with this picture.

Another lane opened and I was able to purchase my own things, but when  I left the cashier and manager were still trying to get permission form the register so that this poor lady could remove her nail polish.

“Good luck!” I told her.

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