Happy Birthday Boo

My third daughter (Boo) turned eleven this week.

One of the things we do on birthdays is wake up the birthday child with presents. I get all the other siblings up first so that we can all go in together and sing “Happy Birthday.”

So on Boo’s birthday we did this, and when I woke up GG (age 13), I saw her grab a homemade birthday card from her dresser.

I thought “How wonderful! She’s made a card to give her sister.” It was really touching.

Then I saw the card. It read, “Happy Birthday, Butt-Butt.”

I gave GG a look. She said innocently,”What? That’s my pet name for my sister.”

Inside the card GG had enclosed two dollars, and the tender misspelled message: “USMELL.”

Ah, sibling love!

By the way, I asked Boo if she had been insulted by the card. She shrugged and said, “Well, she could have put more money in it.”

GG and Boo at Boo’s birthday dinner

(If you’re interested, you can check out what happened at Boo’s birthday last year as well.)

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