Sisters Reunited

My oldest daughter, ET, is  home for Christmas. (She has been going to school on the mainland.) Everyone is happy to see her, especially her closest sister, GG . Unfortunately, these two manifest their affection for each other by “play” fighting all over the house. It’s driving me crazy. I’m calmly reading a book inContinue reading “Sisters Reunited”

Stuff I didn’t buy for Christmas

Here’s some toys my daughter won’t be getting this Christmas: #1. Press-on nails for little girls Mostly because at first glance it looks like it says “Call Girl Fingers.” #2. A babydoll that says, “Oops! I made a stinky!” Yes. This really exists. I laughed out loud in the toy aisle of WalMart. #3. AnyContinue reading “Stuff I didn’t buy for Christmas”