Dodged that one! SCORE!


We went to the fall festival at the elementary school over the weekend.

<<< Here’s Little Boy playing “product placement” at the fair.

After this event last year, I got stuck with a couple of goldfish. (Read that story here if you’re interested.)

I wasn’t about to let that happen again this year. The twins tried in vain to “win” a fish, but I refused.

Every time we came near the live-fish game, I steered them in a different direction. Unfortunately, the diabolical festival-planners had placed the goldfish booth right next to the balloon animal booth, which we had to go to.

And wait in a long line for. While staring at the fish next door.

  • Little Girl: Look Mommy! Fish!
  • Little Boy: Oh I see the fish too. Look!
  • Me:  No.
  • Little Girl: I want a fish!
  • Little Boy: Me too! I want a fish!
  • Me: No. No fish.
  • Little Boy: I think you can win the fish. Look Mommy!
  • Little Girl: That girl won a fish! Look! I want to win a fish!
  • Me: No.
  • Little Boy: No really. You can win a fish. I see the kids winning a fish.
  • Little Girl: Yay! We can win a fish!
  • Me: No. You can’t.
  • Little Girl: Yes we can! Kids are winning fish. Right there. 
  • Little Boy: Yeah. I see them. We can win a fish too! Right there!
  • Me: No. You are not getting a fish. No.
  • Little Boy: But–
  • Me: No.
  • Little Girl: Mommy–
  • Me: No.

I think you get the picture here.

Festival Organizers, when will you learn? Live animals are NOT prizes!

At least…not to me…


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