Chuck E Cheese

Little Girl is terrified of Chuck E. Cheese.

(Not that I blame her. That giant mouse is creepy.)

This phobia was not alleviated in any way by the last party we attended at the Chuck E. Establishment. I think there was a sadistic individual inside the Chuck E. Costume that day.


Call me crazy, but when the child is quaking, crying, and clinging to her mother’s legs, this should be a signal to BACK OFF.

Instead he kept advancing, coming AT HER past the other kids who actually liked him and wanted to touch him. 


I’m like, Dude, what is wrong with you? Who said it was okay for you to put on a giant fuzzy head and hang around little kids?

Anyways, we finally escaped from the Evil Mouse and played video games, and Little girl began to enjoy herself.


Then the birthday party started. And the Party Lady in charge of the festivities got all the kids to start pounding the tables and chanting, “Chuck E. CHEESE! Chuck E. CHEESE! Chuck E. CHEESE! “


Little Girl got the most horrified look on her face. You could see her thinking, “They’re summoning him?! They are actually SUMMONING that demonic THING out of the EVIL ABYSS below??!!”

When Chuck E. finally answered the call and appeared, Little Girl was nowhere to be seen.

I finally found her shivering under the table, covering her eyes and ears.

Needless to say, we have not been back to Chuck E. Cheese’s since….

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