This ain’t no “Thinwich”

I bought some sandwich pita bread at the store. “Only 100 calories!” the package exclaimed happily. So I made a delicious sandwich with it at home. Using diet bread and lean turkey ought to make up for slathering on the cheese, butter and bacon, right? Right? By the way, it was delicious! I recommend theContinue reading “This ain’t no “Thinwich””

The best chocolate cake ever

I made chocolate cake for my book club meeting. My friend Renita gave me the recipe. She said it was called “Better-Than-Sex Chocolate Cake.” I’ll call it Renita’s Cake. We have to keep our “G” ratings around here. When I first tried the cake, I was suspicious, because it doesn’t have any icing. I don’tContinue reading “The best chocolate cake ever”